Selected Premium Material
Our designers carefully selected finest fabrics with the strict requirement as below to produce quality garments
- Materials are comfortable to wear, smooth and soft
- Breatheable material and lining
- Minimal creasing, less ironing
- Light to medium weight material
- Wide range of gorgeous colors

Our delicate lace from traditional to contemporary designs made of yarn or thread

Our embroidery are digitally sew on by machine with satin thread. Providing shiny surface with smooth finish.

Jersey fabric is made in a double knit construction, has an elastic quality with a slight horizontal line. The knit holds it's shape perfectly. Comfortable and soft fabric that drapes beautifully. 


Cotton fabric with 4% spandex content for stretch to make the garments very comfortable and flexible to wear.

Linen is truly comfortable and easy to wear in every season. It is insulating in winter and breathable in summer.

Glossy surface and a dull back. Look classy with this gorgeous fabric that's suitable for most occasions.
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